Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day 3 - $5 lunch

well I went over today $0.38 cents. Sales Tax. I got a $4.99 meal - sandwich and 1 side from the work cafeteria. (BBQ beef and brussel sprouts).

I also had a can of Diet Coke (free - my boss brings them in and shares with the whole group).

It is actually good that I am doing this challenge because I have had a lot of unexpected expenses already this month.

Yesterday - I had to have a service on my home A/C - what? - you might say - it's September - who needs A/C? Well I do - here in NC it could be in the 80s through October. Today it is a "balmy" 90 degrees outside.

Also, I have my car at the shop for repairs (also A/C) and some regular maintenance - oil change, tire rotation, etc. Plus there was a recall on the windshield wiper motor and my airbag light keeps coming on while I am driving. It is easier as a single with 1 car to have everything done in 1 day rather than several trips, however, it is not easier on the bank account.

Fingers crossed that the rest of the month doesn't hold any financial suprises!

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