Friday, September 12, 2008

I"m so terrible at this

Terrible at not forgetting a day (of blogging) and terrible at $5 lunches.

Yesterday - lunch was $7 ($5.50 plus tax and tip). I had enchiladas, rice, beans and water.

Today - I waited too long to have lunch and I was starving and I needed something fast and I had a craving -- and why do I feel the need to justify? Because I had Mcdonalds. Something I only do maybe once every 3 months or so but there is a stigma to admitting you eat fast food isn't there? Although obviously many people do - since the fast food chains are thriving.

And if I say I ate McDonalds then I will be immediately classified - aah that's why she should lose a few pounds, she's not a healthy eater, she's a junk food addict. But as I say I maybe have McD's once every 3 months not every week certainly not everyday. Am I just being hypersensitive about this?

Even at McD's which is fast and cheap (right?) - I spent $5.05 on my combo - burger, fries, drink.

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Jen said...!!! even AS i was watching Supersize Me, i was craving chicken mcnuggets & fries!!!