Thursday, February 7, 2008

Going off the rails.

Tuesday I did manage to eat out of the pantry/freezer.
Here is my Tuesday dinner:
  • 2 morningstar farms spicy black bean patties garnished with some of the leftover date-chipotle chutney --- suprisingly delicious.
  • Steam fresh sugar snap peas, one of my favorite quick vegetables however I was disappointed at the number of sugar snaps that were "stringy", I hope this isn't a harbinger of a reduction in quality as the sugar snaps being already stringed and ends snapped off is one of the main reasons I buy the steamfresh.
  • Garlic fries from Trader Joes- disappointing. I can't quite put my finger on why I didn't like these --- possibly because the fries didn't crisp up enough or perhaps it was the slight metallic tinge I got from the garlic-herb garnish. also, these don't really work that well for a 1-person meal because you have to cook the whole bag at once. I ended up throwing the leftovers away.

Last night, I think I was fixated on ribs because I had read this earlier in the day. So I veered off the eat at home path to a local BBQ place that also has ribs. they satisfied my craving but I'm still dying to make the vietnamese version from the link!

Today for lunch -its chinese in honor of the Chinese New Year. Dinner is uncertain as I once again forgot to pull anything out of the freezer to thaw. D'oh!

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