Friday, February 1, 2008


Here I plan to blog about what I really eat day to day. What I cook, the ingredients I use, the places I go and the perils and pitfalls of cooking/eating for one.

In general you probably won't see many gourmet recipes and although I don't endorese Sandra Lee (at all) you may see things appear here that are "semi-homemade". Frequently you may find mention of beautiful food found at other sites since I am an avid foodie blog follower.

One of the first challenges I plan to undertake with this blog is to make meals out of the things I have at home - you know the stuff --the things that languish in cans and bottles and the freezer. Perhaps they were bought on a whim or because they were on sale or with the intention of making a fabuloous dish that never came to fruition. In the next month I hope to to do some spring cleaning and create some meals out of my pantry with minimal purchases of new items. We'll see how it goes.

Your ideas and comments are always welcome.


Jen said...

what a great idea!!! i, too, have TONS of stuff in my kitchen that was bought for 'some reason'. oy. i've been trying to use some of it up, but new purchases at the gro gro always seem to win out! perhaps you will inspire me!!!


cindy said...

cool blog!