Tuesday, February 5, 2008

it's that kind of week...

The kind where my camera is still sitting on my kitchen counter. My dinner last night consisted of a leftover chicken-chipolte-date chutney drumstick, about 2 tablespoons of leftover tuna salad and some bugles and a cup of cereal(cinnamon life) with milk.

Today on the way to work I stopped at the grocery store and bought the following:

-1 cara cara navel orange
-1 minneola tangelo
-1 strawberry stonyfield farm smoothie
-1 south beach wrap pack (sesame chicken)
-box of 100 calorie ritz snack mix packs
-Healthy choice french bread frozen pizza
-pack of crystal light on-the-go wild strawberry

I think these are all better options than just stopping at Chik-fil-a for breakfast but I was tempted to do just that!

For breakfast I had the smoothie and a small piece of King cake (someone brought in a king cake for Fat tuesday). Just now for a snack I had a 100-calorie pack.

Who knows what I'll have for dinner tonight since there is a basketball game to go to at 7. I'm not looking forward to having arena food and its so expensive! Maybe I'll eat my french bread pizza before I leave work.


cindy said...

I'm having leftover mini-burgers for lunch... gotta love super bowl party food!

Tomorrow I'll probably eat the drumsticks you left me.

Jen said...

i love your random dinner from last night. a bowl of cereal added to any meal is fantastic!!!