Monday, February 4, 2008

it's soooo Monday

I started out the day by oversleeping, then promptly spilling diet coke on my laptop. also i forgot my camera so all the lovely pictures I took of my "chicken for the bold with date-chipolte chutney" are trapped inside my camera which is on my kitchen counter.

in an act of desperation running out the door i ended up having 3 Kashi TLC Oatmeal Dark chocolate chip cookies for breakfast....

In more positive and exciting news I got my first recipe from America's Test Kitchen this morning to test! Yippee. It is Stuffed Portabellos. Bad news, is that all the ingredients will have to be purchased as I don't really have many of them on hand. This sets back my eating out of the pantry/freezer project a day or two but hey ---I'm testing a recipe for America's Test Kitchen!

I'll let you know how it turns out....


NOR said... sorry to hear about the diet coke on the laptop. Doesn't sound good.

Is it toast? That is, the computer...?

toolprincess said...

The computer is toast but luckily my harddrive wasn't. so I got a new computer and the IT person put my hard drive into it! YAY.